2017 Production Organisation Approval by European aviation authority EASA (Part 21G)
2016 new business line: aviation
2 new laboratories for metrology
2015 investments of € 2 million in machinery, as 8kw fiber laser system, new bending press with automatic tool changer
start of "mechanical department" with two fully automatic, CNC-controlled 3-axis and 5 - axis metal machining centers
renaming to "system7 metal technology"
2014 new owner Dr. Hans-Jörg Holleis
2009 certification according to ISO 9001 ff
2007 construction of the new site in Oberweis with installation of high technology machinery
1990 relocation to Gmunden; new business lines: machine housing and automotive
1978 specialization in sheet metal working using fully automated cutting machines
1976 metalworking shop founded by Franz Hutterer in Gschwandt bei Gmunden