Laser & Punching

Whether thick or thin, our lasers cut through sheet metal like butter. Stored in one of the largest fully automated high-bay warehouses in Europe, 2,500 tons of sheet metal are waiting for further processing, e.g. by the new 8kw-fiber laser system, which is currently the fastest and strongest in Austria.


max. sheet size 3,000 x 1,500
plate thickness up to 20
plate thickness aluminium and niro steel up to 12
max. sheet size 3,000 x 1,500
sheet thickness laser
steel up to 8
stainless steel up to 6
aluminium up to 6
sheet thickness punching
steel up to 4
stainless steel up to 4
aluminium up to 5
Integrated metal forming such as counterboring, threaded screws, bridges, knobs, hinges, engraving, graining, signing

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